Bible Quizzing

Junior Bible Quizzing

Cheryl Stephens

Put your worries at ease knowing that your child has a 98% chance of never losing out with God by letting them be apart of the Junior Bible Quizzing program. The statistics are that any child who is in the Bible Quizzing program for at least 5 years has a 98% chance that they will never lose out with God. You really can’t ask for better percentages!!!The Junior Bible Quizzing Program is designed for children up to eleven.The Primary objective of this ministry is to teach children the Word of God. However, the program also helps to promote the following positive character traits in children:

  • Self discipline
  • Good study habits
  • Team player attributes
  • Positive response to winning/losing

Senior Bible Quizzing

Elaine Stephens

Senior Bible Quizzing has the same advantages for your teen as Junior Bible Quizzing has for your pre-teen. Surrounding your teenager with positive influences and filling their hearts with God’s Word will provide a stable foundation that will strengthen them for years to come.