Jerry & Ashlyn Zimmerman

FireProof Student Ministries is a student ministry for ages 12-17.  We have weekly youth services and activities, as well as offer Bible studies for students.  We are proud of our students and have a growing and thriving youth group.  We encourage them to spend time in daily prayer and Bible exploration.  We also encourage our students to attend summer camps and additional conventions throughout the year to help enhance their walks with God.  Mission trips are also available to qualifying ages. We hope you will come join us

Bible Club

Project 7 (P7) is a free resource for students to start Bible Clubs at their High School and Middle School campuses. P7 Clubs are student led and driven and are an opportunity for students to participate in a spiritually inspired, relationship driven, community serving project in their school.

If you are interested in starting or joining a P7 club make the pledge to be a P7 Missionary! Find out more on our website ~ click below!


  • Pentecostal teens can read about culturally relevant issues from a biblical perspective in this webzine produced exclusively by the General Youth Division. INSIDEOUT features theme-based articles, book and music reviews, interviews, devotions, student ministry profiles, and much more! Visit our website.InsideOut_Logo_02
  • Sheaves For Christ is a ministry Liberty Church Youth raises money to help support. When you invest in Sheaves for Christ you intentionally share the gospel around the world. Click below to learn more about this ministry: Sheaves for Christ


Meeting Times:

  •  7:30pm Saturday Youth Church (hangout to follow)
  • 11:00am Sunday School class


Bible Reading

  • Today’s Scripture Passage
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    2 Tim
  • To read through the Bible in one year, click image below!