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This is our super-secret resources page, so you are viewing this page, and you’re not on the super-secret authorized users resource list, you should leave now, before our crack team of church cops comes and takes away your mouse. Continue viewing at your own risk!!!

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40 Day Devotional Online Teacher’s Version

These PDF files are for our teachers and mentors that want an online version of the booklet. Do not give these files to a student, they must use their own booklet and fill in their own answers. The value of this process is lost if you hand them the answers easily. This is really an online answer key. We are working on getting the actual answers in here as well for reference, but the current version does have hyperlinks to all the Bible references in the devotional. To use this, you should download the PDF into a local view such as Drop Box or Google Drive, so that when you are viewing the PDF, and you click on a Bible link, it will open in a separate app.


Exploring God’s Word Powerpoints

These are the simple and optimized PPT files, redone by Scott Lynn in PowerPoint 2000 format for compatibility. We have tried the originals, and versions with fancy transitions, and they sometimes have problems on different computers, so these are the files we found best to use.

Note, that lesson 8 has the last two pages reversed. The original order has the evidence of the Holy Ghost and then the power of the Holy Ghost. I (Scott Lynn) frankly find this order boring and it fails to emphasize the most important points of the lesson: The Holy Ghost is for everyone and everyone received it the same way in the book of Acts. So I swapped the order! You do the power of the Holy Ghost slide and then the evidence of the Holy Ghost slide last. The original, uninspiring version is also here for download if you disagree with me.

And while I am on my soap box, I recommend splitting Lesson 9 too! I teach the gifts of the spirit as one lesson, and the remaining two slides on holiness as a separate lesson. I can’t imagine combining these two critical lessons into one slot. That’s insanity!

I am getting off my soap box now. Have fun,
Scott Lynn



The Path Zipped Bible Studies

Fully Named Files – 100 Lessons Zipped

Numbered Files – 100 Lessons Zipped


Jesus Christ The Way Study

Jesus Christ The Way by James Roberts

(note this is the older version with the Garden City website on it)


Holy Ghost in Acts Study

Scott Lynn’s Holy Ghost in Acts Study


Church History

Scott Lynn’s Church History Booklet